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Brad Obee - President

Brad has been a SCORRA member since 2006 when the club was founded. Looking to become more involved in the sport and the club he joined the Board as Treasurer in 2008, and has been serving as Club President since 2011. Brad has also chaired the Midhurst trail ride for many years.

Brian Dueck

Vice-President & OFTR Representative

Brian first joined SCORRA as a member in 2010 and became progressively more involved in club events, volunteering, and served on the SCORRA board from 2013 to 2016. Brian rejoined the board for 2020 as SCORRA Vice President and OFTR rep. Those of you that ride the Midhurst Trail Ride too slowly may also be acquainted with Brian as he traditionally leads the sweep crew for the event.

David Scheinberg

Director of Communications

David has been a SCORRA member for over 5 years. This is his first year on the Board. He enjoys giving back to the sport by volunteering his time maintaining trails and educating newer riders. You can catch him at Wildman or the ‘NEW’ Orillia trails as they are his two favourites! The life moto; Everything is better on two wheels!

Peter Klassen


Peter has been a SCORRA member for over 10 years. This is his third year on the Board. He’s also on the Orr Lake Trail Team.  First race was the 1981 Sasquatch XC in Hope, BC and have been racing every year since. Enjoys laying out and clearing new and existing trails, one of several responsible for the Orr Lake tract. Loves spirited romps and inpromptu races/chases thru tight, technical singletrack.

Chris Svirklys

Lead Steward

2022 is Chris’s 4th year riding and being a member of SCORRA.  He was impressed by the privilege that we have to ride in the forests of Simcoe County and felt it was important to give back and maintain our opportunity to ride and grow this trail network.

He started out as a trail steward and helping with trail work and hopes to carry this out to a greater capacity as a Director.   As with all of our directors please feel free to stop him on the trials and have a chat on anything that concerns you.

Wayne Hodge

Director of Trail Development and Maintenance

Hey everyone! 2021 will be my 3rd year as a SCORRA member!  After many years of non motorized activities, I have found the dirt.. again,  and for the most part stayed upright! Being pretty good at fixing stuff somehow garnered the nickname “wiz” (there may be another story, but I’m not telling)…  I immediately found this group has amazing people that for the most part really appreciate the efforts to the end result! Since day one I have happily helped with trail work and tried to be a not so skilled rider/ambassador for the group!  Can’t wait to rep the Group going forward! 

Jamie Horvat

Director at Large

Jamie joined SCORRA in late 2019 upon returning to Canada, after living in the UK for approximately 6 years.   He is an avid motorcycle and motorsports enthusiast who enjoys offroad trail riding and recognizes the importance of giving back, as well as the obligation we all have as riders to act responsibly.

He looks forward to working with the board and the community in order to maintain and manage the trail system for the benefit of all stakeholders.  2022 marks Jamie’s first year on the board.

Steve Mumford

Director Trail Development and Maintenance

This is Steve’s second year on the SCORRA board. Steve has been a member of SCORRA for 6 years. He joined SCORRA to enjoy the amazing trails in the Simcoe area. At a time when other parts of Ontario and Canada are losing places to ride, SCORRA continues to add more trails each year, which made Steve want to get involved and help fight for and develop areas to enjoy our sport.

Adam Gores


This is Adams first year on the SCORRA board.